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Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set

Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set

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Halloween is almost here!!! Get yourself and your kids ready with the coolest customization of the season with this amazing Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set, either for trick-or-treating or custom parties, you can create more fast amazing face painting with 12 groups of rainbow colors!

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Use for: Body Paint/ Temporary Tattoo/ Makeup Painting

Type: Body Paint

Quantity: 1 Set

Product: 12 Groups of Rainbow Colors

Number of Pieces: One Unit

NET WT: 144g/5.14oz

Ingredient: Water-base

Colors: 3 Color Sets to Choose


The rainbow face paint series is water-based and easy to clean.

Our face paint has passed FDA, matt color, fluorescent color, and pearl color are included in a set.


Dry quickly

Easy to clean with water


Capacity: 144g/5.14oz (12g/group)

Dimension of The Box: 21cm x 10cm / 8.3inch x 3.9inch

Package Included:

1x Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set

There are 3 sets to choose from, please choose according to your needs.


Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set


Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set



Rainbow Face Paint Multicolor Set

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