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Tanning Cream & Aloe Vera Gel

Tanning Cream & Aloe Vera Gel

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Summer is here!!! Do not miss to take advantage and achieve a natural, darker & long-lasting tan with less exposure to the sun or sunbed with these Tanning Cream & Aloe Vera Gel.

Tanning Cream

Expect results regardless of your skin type & enjoy the natural bronzing experience that nurtures and hydrates your skin. Created cruelty-free with no chemical nasties added, is your natural shortcut to the tan results you are looking for. 

A premium combination of 100% natural oils became popular for ultra dark tan lovers too! Only the highest quality oils are carefully mixed together allowing the cream to absorb fast and get you tanned even faster.

Everything your skin needs for the perfect bronze - 100% natural carrot oil for sun-ready and strengthened skin, extra virgin olive oil to strengthen your tan, walnut oil for a golden glow, and cacao butter for radiant and replenished skin.

Shine Brown will become your go-to tanning essential after you give it a try as we thought about everything your skin needs to achieve the best tanning results.

 Aloe Vera Gel

The vitamin C, E, and other plant extracts in aloe can gently soothe the sun-heated skin and help repair the skin irritated by ultraviolet rays. The formula used can soothe skin irritation while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells, giving you a radiant glow.

Contains 200 active ingredients, which can continuously release moisturizing ingredients and replenish water for 24 hours.

This pure Aloe Vera Gel is a transparent, slightly thinner gel-an excellent daily care for the face, skin, and hair. Regular use can soothe the skin, and make the skin soft and elastic, glowing healthy, and radiant.

100% pure. Its PH value is 6, while the skin's PH value is 5.5-7.0, which is close to the skin's PH value. This natural after-sun mixture immediately nourishes and prevents skin from peeling after sunburn.

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